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How to personalize your website experience to create a WOW reaction.

I found this interesting statistic in their contextual Marketing Certification.

“41% of consumers switched companies due to poor personalization”

Customers have brands at the palm of their hands. With millions of companies to choose from, they have all the power. Customer loyalty is something more and more difficult to achieve.

This is especially challenging for companies that are in a very competitive market.

What happens when you offer similar products or services and similar prices to those of your competition? How do you stand out?

Well, this is where a personalized user experience will put you in front of your competition.

“Personalized website experiences can result in a 19% increase in sales.”

It all sounds great, right? You create a personalized user experience and you’re on your way to increasing your sales. But, how do you actually personalize the user experience inside your website?

You do this with Contextual Marketing. If you’re new to the term, here is an overview of what contextual marketing is:

Introducing Contextual Marketing

Contextual Marketing is all about providing individualized experiences to anyone who visits your website. Whether it is a new visitor or a longtime customer with contextual marketing you can personalize these experiences based on their preferences and needs.

If you’re looking for the exact definition, contextual marketing is personalized marketing based on the context of who a visitor is and what they’re looking for.

Some examples of personalization include an email with the name of the recipient or a personalized CTA. If you’ve done this in the past, you have been doing contextual marketing.

Three components that I find are key to contextual marketing are segmentation, personalization, and content. Keep those three terms in mind because I will be using them a lot.

Content will be the tool that you use to personalize certain pages on your website based on a previous…

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