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I want to continue to blog from now on. I have frustrated many times to keep writing blogs until now… But This time is different. First, I will introduce myself. My age is 26 years old now.(current…


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Limitless joy

Bucket loads of fun

Sweeping the leaves

Lifting them joyously.

Crystal clear waters

running deep.

Jump for joy in the puddles

Sing rapturously to the clouds

The day of joy is here, now.

Whipped up clouds

Frothy like cream

Joyously leaping

Like sheep bounding

Pull inward the breath of the wind

The clear, strong, powerful wind

that can blow through all your cobwebs with refreshing power and joy

Open up to that breath

breath of life and love

From the far horizon to the pin-head, the breath rolling through,

lifting and breathing you

In, out, shake it all about

Loves lifted high

Loves free gift — LOVE itself

in the breath

Joy and be joined for ever

For ever beloved and loved and loved

Like that sparkling, crystal cold stream that flows from the mountain.

Dip your toe in. EXPERIENCE

for life is flow.

So GO with that flow

Dance, sing, laugh, rapture

All is within you

and IS YOU forevermore.

Dance little stars.

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