Is China taking over the lead when it comes to AI in Financial Services?

Our CBDO Oliver Berchtold likes traveling and exploring. Last year he went to Asia and presented YUKKA Lab at the FinovateAsia in Hong Kong. Besides bringing home the Best of Show Award he shared his…


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About Me

My working life

I want to continue to blog from now on.
I have frustrated many times to keep writing blogs until now…
But This time is different.
First, I will introduce myself.

I’m from Yamaguchi in Japan and live in Tokyo now.

My age is 26 years old now.(current 2019.11)
Hobby is playing soccer and guitar, dancing, watching NBA, Darts, drinking alcohol.
Job is a software engineer in Japanese company.

The reason I became an engineer was Mark Zuckerberg.

He’s so great for me.
My college life is terrible.
No dreams, hated studying, I thought that I want to die…
Meanwhile, I accidentally saw him.
I feel infinite possibilities of programming and programming is able to change culture.
I thought that my life dedicate developer life.

I’ll want to work in San Francisco(Silicon Valley).
But I can’t speak English. Because I wrote this in English.
Anyway I’d like to fight in San Francisco, the world’s top place for engineers and leave my achievements there.

And someday, I want to become a leader of 40 super professional groups and make products that change the culture with their project members. Like Mark Zuckerberg.

To that end, I’m making efforts in English, technology and leadership.

I would like to convey the infinite possibilities throughout the life of university students who were no better than anyone achieving their goals.

Our company’s keywords are “Human”.
My company values “Human Growth” so that each person can live a happy life.
The most important thing is “Thinking”.

When a specific example of “Thinking” is important,
For example, when you encounter a difficulty, do you work with a gloomy feeling, or do you work with a positive attitude in anticipation of growth when you overcome it?
At that time, I think that “thinking” will change fate.

The following is a description of the company’s business.
I’m sorry in Japanese.

This is the place for this self-introduction.
There are many things I still want to write,
I will write it later.
This blog is written for the output and organization of my thoughts and for studying English, so I’m sorry if there are any errors.
I hope you will continue to read it if you like.


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