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Power electronics has become a vital part of any automated or semi automated device. It has become nearly impossible to name an area where power electronics does not find its application. You may…


独家优惠奖金 100% 高达 1 BTC + 180 免费旋转

WIN 1 BTC! PIEXGO Mascot design competition is coming !

Dear friends:

Do you want your work to be shown?

Do you have a lot of ideas, always being creative and talented, but have nowhere to display it?

Now, there is an excellent showcase:

“Mascot design Competition” initiated by the PIEXGO team is coming.

We are seeking for your excellent creation!

 December 10th, 2018- January 10th, 2019: Submit an entry

 January 11st -January 17th , 2019: Design Selection and Voting (via PIEXGO official Website)

 January 18th , 2019: Announcement of the list of winners (via PIEXGO official Website)

The winners will be selected by PIEXGO.

PIEXGO will upload 20 outstanding entries to the official website for voting. Only nominees will be notified by e-mail.

After the voting, the winners will be selected based on the number of votes obtained.

The following award will be selected by PIEXGO:

The following awards will be elected by voting:

Nominee Awards : PIEXGO customized T-Shirt

If an entry receives both the PIEXGO Star Award and the Popularity Award, it will only receive the PIEXGO Star Award and give up the Popularity Award, and other entries will receive the Popularity Award in order.

 Entries must conform to PIEXGO brand traits, which can be characters, animals, plants or fictional images;

 Entries need to reflect the sense of high-tech and intimacy, but also need to show the potential and plasticity of being created into emoticons, doll pillows, animation video and other peripheral;

 Entries must be in a complete formation and in compliance with the relevant national laws and regulations, completely original, no plagiarism, and have never been used before;

 Participants need to draw three views of the mascot (including front, side, back), and retain 300DPI resolution, which can be used for printing production bitmap source files or vector files.

 The winners will be announced on January 18th, 2019 via PIEXGO official website. The winners will be re-verified within 7 working days after the list is announced, and the prizes will be released after no objection. We will contact the winners by email. Please confirm and provide the valid contact information.

 Please pay attention to the emails from PIEXGO, and cooperate with PIEXGO to complete the collection of winner works, the signing of the copyright agreement, the distribution of prizes, etc..

 If the winner fails to respond to the award notice or waive the relevant copyright transfer or authorization obligation within the stipulated time, it will be deemed to have waived the award and will be replaced by other entrants.

 If you have any questions or need some help, please send the relevant documents to our official email address: support@piexgo.com.

The full copyright of the nominated entry will be transferred to PIEXGO. PIEXGO has the right to redesign, produce, sell, display and publish the corresponding design. The designer reserves the right of the permanent authorship.

The copyright of the unnominated entry remains with the original designer. PIEXGO has the right to display, report, promote and use all entries for marketing activities. The designer reserves the right of the permanent authorship. If PIEXGO needs to develop, produce and sell the entry for commercial purposes, it needs to obtain the designer’s written permission and pay the designer the corresponding design fees.

PIEXGO has the right to promote, report and display all entries. The designer reserves the right of the permanent authorship.

If the copyright of the entry is disputed in commercial use, the designer who submitted the work shall bear full legal responsibility.

If the winner waives the obligation of copyright transfer or authorization, he or she will be deemed to abstain from the corresponding award.

Disclaimer: The organizer will try its best to ensure the smooth on-going of the competition. However, if there is any problem due to force majeure, PIEXGO will not bear any responsibility. The organizer has the right to modify the rules and process as well as cancel the contest based on the related policies and regulations and the actual situation.

All rights are reserved by PIEXGO.


December 10th, 2018

PIEXGO Community

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